Get turn-by-turn voice navigation for Google maps in India on Android

By default, for some unknown reason, Google has disabled turn by turn navigation on Android for most countries including India. However a member of XDA-Developers by the handle Brut.all hacked Google Maps and enabled turn by turn navigation for all the countries. However, brut.all has stopped the development and now chinese developers are continuing to release the mod which was started by brut.all. The thread at XDA-Developers is kept always up to date with the latest modded Maps apk files.

Installation is fairly easy:

  1. Wipe data and uninstall Maps and street view.
  2. Copy the apk file downloaded from above link and copy it to the phone.
  3. To install the apk manually, Unknown sources should be enabled. To enable it go to Settings->Applications->Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  4. Using any file manager (I prefer astro) install the maps apk file.
  5. Install street view from the market again.

That’s all. Turn-by-turn navigation should now work for any country on your mobile. You can find alternative installation methods at the same thread on XDA-Developers


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  • ayush

    i am having a problem,its saying searching for gps,plz help me…thanks

  • Kapadia tapan

    i m having SGS I9000

    i am using 2.3.3 android version DDJV9 speed mod kernel

    i have downloaded both the files installed it

    system says successfull but i cant any logo in menu so that i can open the app

    please help me regarding it


    You can use this work around for turn-by-turn navigation in India..No need to hack or install anything else on your Android phone.. hope below links helps.. cheers.

  • Akshay22 Nandanwar

    I hav installed brut google map…bt for first time it runs then after smtym it says” U DNT HAVE NAVIGATION HERE,DO U WANT TO TURN ON DIRECTIONS” PLZ HELP…

  • Sharonsadasivan

    downloaded brut maps but when i try to install, installation process goes on and the end get a status” not installed”

    please suggest solution

  • Mukhter Ali Said

    Damn near uselss in a country like India let alone out of big cities