[Solved] MD5 mismatch! error on clockworkmod

I encountered “MD5 mismatch!” error while trying to restore a nandroid backup from clockworkmod. It means the md5sum stored in the file nandroid.md5 isn’t same as generated md5sum. The fix is quite trivial. You can simply regenrate the md5 by copying the backup folder to your computer and executing the following in terminal.

cd /path/to/backup/folder
md5sum *img>nandroid.md5

This will restore the md5sum in nandroid.md5.


  • http://www.facebook.com/richhersey Rich Hersey

    Can you explain how to do the same for an HTC Evo?
    How do I regenerate the MD5 or alter it to match?

    • http://www.geekdevs.com Deepak Mittal

      You’ll have to execute the above commands in a linux based PC. Alternatively, you can use a terminal emulator on your android phone and execute the command on it. You phone must have Busybox, though.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Freeman2287 Steffen Albrecht

        Hi, tried it but didn’t work. Nandroid still replies “MD5 Missmatch” Also tried RapidCRC to check the files. But the tool tells me that erverything’s ok…. do you have an idea?

        • http://www.geekdevs.com Deepak Mittal

          That’s weird. Did you do everything like it’s mentioned?

  • elcajonca619

    how to go to sd /path/…

    • ss83

      when am reboot its coming to reboot system now

  • elcajonca619

    i have same problem please tell me how to get sd/path/…….

  • seancyril

    Thanks for your help. Worked a treat!

  • Keven Kevin Andrews07

    when i extract my custom rom i dont find the nandroid.md5 file

  • Dimitri

    Ohh shiittt realy thanks man you are the best i have restore my md5 !!!!! ;) realy realy thanks !! realy good job ;) !!! (scuse for my bad english lol)

  • Ahmad_1652005

                                                    on the name of GOD
    i have the same problem when i restore in advanced mode and restore just system , my problem solve and for get better result when the rom come up  go to the clockworkmod and then restore whole of them  

  • Frodo

    great thx.
    with connectbot you can do it in a local shell direcly on the phone.

  • sid

    in the backup folder there isnt any file named “nandroid.md5.” help plzz

    • Issam Hamzaoui

      creat one

  • Rjawan

    theres no nandroid.md5 file in my backup folder and how to create one ??

  • shubham

    how to write the next step

  • http://readitsolutions.com/ Yasir Jilani

    yeah. good man , it’s working…..Thanks

    • http://www.facebook.com/richhersey Rich Hersey


      Rich Hersey

  • Markito Eric Soler

    Doesn’t work at all. Same error.. HTC Chacha